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Agrocondor is a Peruvian company with more than 30 years of experience dedicated to the business of exporting colorants, natural ingredients, additives and supplements.

The company has managed to establish itself as one of the main exporters of natural colorants in Peru. Its ability to adapt, innovate and implement continuous improvements to provide the most efficient solutions and meet the needs of its most demanding customers is what has distinguished this company for more than three decades. This is confirmed by the close relationship it has managed to maintain with companies from the Asian region. Among the most important destinations, Japan and Singapore, markets that are known for their high competitiveness and demand.


At Agrocondor we seek to connect the world with the Peruvian natural wealth to improve people’s lives.

Therefore, our mission is to continue developing the Peruvian natural resources market in cooperation with agricultural producers and Peruvian companies with sustainable practices in compliance with the highest quality and safety standards of the most demanding markets.


Expand our horizons and our product range; connecting the world with Peru and its exceptional agrobiodiversity.


Integrity: We are a human group that works with ethics, honesty and responsibility.

Commitment: To offer our clients the highest quality products.

Passion: To be part of the creation of new products and that people benefit from the innumerable properties that our Peruvian natural wealth offers.

Social Responsibility and Cooperation: We believe that working as a team we all go further.

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